Sports Cards

In the late 1990’s, my brothers and I had a book of some Colorado Rockies baseball cards. One day my father came home with a book called “Beckett”, which valued various sports cards.  We looked up a bunch of the cards we had and discovered that our cards were worth a whooping $10 or so.  At the time, that seemed like a tremendous amount, and this launched me into a full scale hobby.  For the next several years, my brother and I each built a website and traded our sports cards with other collectors around the United States.  We also bought and sold cards on eBay.  Through those years, we both built up our collections and both collections became quite valuable.

Neither of us trade much anymore, but we both still have our collections.  I will occasionally buy a card on eBay if it is something that I’m really interested in.  Some day I hope to get back into card collecting, but until then I still get great joy from digging them out and looking at them from time to time.  Brings back great memories.

You can browse my collection and other sports card related things on the top menu under “Sports Cards”.  Enjoy!