Other Cards

*Last Updated March 25, 2007

2005 Topps Total Printing Press Plate Donovan McNabb Cyan 1/1
2005-06 UD Hockey Showcase Bobby Holik #HS9
2005-06 UD Hockey Showcase Peter Forsberg #HS1
2005-06 UD Hockey Showcase Pierre Turgeon #HS19
2005-06 UD Hockey Showcase Mike York #HS25
2005 ITG Franchise Box Topper Ottawa Senators #TH-12
1958 Topps All-Star Mickey Mantle #487
2003 Donruss Leaf Certified Materials New Generation Mirror Black Clint Barmes 01/01! (Sold for $185 on eBay!)
1993 Upper Deck Long Cards (3 of them) Featuring Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Babe Ruth, Yogi Berra, etc.
1909 T-206 Honus Wagner Reprint
Atlanta All-Star game Collectors Edition MLB Coin
2001 Topps Opening Day Milwaukee Brewers Sticker
2001 Topps Opening Day Tampa Bay Devil Rays Sticker
2003 NFL Showdown Cards:
Cahd Pennington
Steve Hutchinson
Martay Jenkins
Sam Madison
Micheal Barrow
Earl Holmes
Tony Bryant
3-Wide Play Card
Run Inside (Pro) Play Card
Between the Hashes
Bad Pass

Upper Deck Gridiron Football Fantasy Cards:
9 Offensive cards
7 Team Cards
9 Defensive cards

Yu-Gi-Oh 1st Edition “Bite Shoes”
Yu-Gi-Oh “Turtle Oath” Magic Card
Yu-Gi-Oh “Shadow Ghoul” (bad corners)
Pokemon “Porygon”
Pokemon “Energy Retrieval” Trainer
Pokemon “Lass” Trainer *
Pokemon “Kangaskhan” Holo-Foil *
Japanesse Pokemon card


2002 UD Honor Roll Dream 9 UDAL Ichiro Suzuki #18
2002 UD Honor Roll Dream 9 UDAL Randy Johnson #1
2001 Topps East Meets West Shigetoshi Hasegawa/ Masanori Murakami #EW-SH
2001 Topps Stars Gold Limited Edition Daryle Ward #ed 117/499
2001 UD Midsummer Classic Moments Joe Dimaggio #CM1
2001 Topps Stars Gold Limited Edition #ed 117/499 Darlye Ward #27
2000 Pacific Crown Collection Moment of Truth Ivan Rodriguez #29
2000 Impact Mighty Fine in ’99 Tony Gwynn #35 of 40 MF
1999 Pacific Invincible Mike Mussina #21
1999 Metal Universe Caught on the Fly Cal Ripken Jr. #241
1999 Skybox Premium Spring Fling (SF) Alex Rodriguez #288
1999 Pacific Incincible Ben Grieve #13
1999 Metal Universe Building Blocks Preston Wilson #260
1998 Pinnacle/Score Greg Maddux #RT4
1998 Donruss The Untouchables Randy Johnson #383
1998 UD Collectors Choice Quest Star Larry Walker #SQ14
1998 Donruss Hit list Mark McGwire #365
1998 Donurss Spirit of The Game Cal Ripken Jr. #389
1998 Donurss Spirit of The Game Ken Griffey Jr. #386
1997 UD Star Attractions Die Cut Larry Walker #SA14
1997 Pinnacle Goin’ Jake Larry Walker #190
1997 Donruss HIT Larry Walker #410
1997 UD Star Attractions Die Cut Chipper Jones #SA7
1997 Upper Deck Collectors Choice Big Shots Dean Palmer #11 of 19
1997 Donruss Interleague Showdown Jim Thome/ Barry Larkin #441
1997 Fleer New Horizon Todd Walker #14 of 15
1997 UD SPX Marguee Match-Ups Die Cut Cal Ripken Jr. #MM14
1997 Fleer Headliners Chipper Jones #10 of 20
1996 Fleer Ultra Raw Power Chipper Jones #596
1996 Pinnacle Star Struck Larry Walker #374
1994 Upper Deck Electric Diamond Pat Borders #417
1994 Upper Deck Diamond Debutes Hector Carrasco #511 (x2)
1994 Fleer Ultra RBI King Matt Williams #11 of 12
1994 Fleer Ultra N.L. Top Glove Award Winners Matt Williams #13 of 25
2000 Fleer M:P Marvin Harrison #6 of 10MP
2000 Topps Holiday Match-Ups Die Cut Steve Beuerlein / Rich Gannon #C5
2000 Pacific Crown Royale In Your Face Dan Marino #13
2000 Playoff Momentum Generations Marshall Faulk #GN-43
2000 Fleer Tradition The Whole 10 Yards Marshall Faulk #11 of 15TY
2000 Pacifin Crown Royale Your Face Dan Marino #13
2000 UD Victory Bug Play Makers Keyshawn Johnson #248
2000 Fleer Tradition Throwbacks Charlie Batch #13 of 20T
2000 Fleer Ultra Instant 3 Play Hines Ward #13 of 15IP
2000 UD Vitory Big Play Makers Kurt Warner #242
2000 Topps Season Highlights Frank Wycheck/ Kevin Dyson #330
2000 SP Authentic Supremacy Keyshawn Johnson #S10 (x2)
2000 SP Authentic Supremacy Randy Moss #S7
2000 Quantum Leaf All Millennium Team Terrell Davis #ed 0431/1000 #AMT-TD
1999 Playoff Prestige EXP Thurman Thomas #EX186
1997 Pinnacle Inscriptions Dan Marino #13
1995 Skybox Playdirt Rickey Williams #PD27 of 30
2000 Fleer NBA Hoops Hot Propects Antawn Jamison
2000 UD Hardcourt Vince Carter #54
1999 UD Victory Rower Corps Allen Iverson #347
1998 Upper Deck AS MVP Micheal Jordan #23
1998 UD Heart and Soul Rasheed Wallace / Isaiah Rider #129
1998 Upper Deck Intensity Tim Thomas #110
1998 Upper Deck Aerodynamics Allen Houston #A19
1996 Upper Deck Excellence Micheal Jordan #165
1996 Upper Deck Triple Nick Van Excel/ John Starks/ Sam Cassell #MP30/55/40
1993 Topps 50 Point Club Micheal Jordan #64
1992 Upper Deck Cards on Collecting Magic Johnson #180
2003 UD SP Game Used Edition Fathers of the Fairway Arnold Palmer
2003 UD SP Game Used Edition Clutch Time Contenders Nick Price
2003 UD SP Game Used Edition Clutch Time Contenders Chris Dimarco
2003 UD SP Game Used Edition Pandromic Shots Colin Montgomerie
2003 UD SP Game Used Edition Pandromic Shots Tiger Woods